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Detox and why?

Many may ask why detox your Natty, or hair even, well ok easy answer, for locs it is a natural hair style, you hair is allowed to come out of your head in its natural pattern which is coils, because they are coil they can cradle what ever environment they are in, they hold oil and dust, proper care is vital. detox should always be a regular part of your journey, if you keep your head wrapped. detox is still critical. . We use a special blend, that extracts everything from the Loc, there will be no white buildup, lint or any other things left once we perform detox on your hair. followed by Hot Oil treatment.

Take a Look at Our Gallery

first picture, 2nd treatment for coils.

these coils were done three weeks ago, the hair texture is fine with soft natural coils. this type of texture requires a touchup every two to three weeks , many people get weekly touchups. this is considered thick short hair and the coils are medium small,

second picture is a rear version of the 1st picture

In this photo you can tell the client lays on the back of his head most of the times. the part of your head that you lay on the most. will be the part that will lock first. your hair will not lock all at the same time. and the top and front are usually the last to lock.

The third picture is a picture of the opposite side of the first  picture

The tighter the coil patter the longer the pattern will last, each week become larger than the week before, when hair was originally coiled coils were tight and medium small in size.

The forth picture is after shampoo

This photo was after the clients hair was shampoo with peppermint shampoo three times and rinsed with warm water and gently toweled dry. prior to hair being recoiled for the second time.

fifth picture process begins

It is always a good idea to start from the back of the head when coiling . however it is not needed. it depends on the clients needs. the top on many people take longer because this is the widest and in some cases thickest part of your hear, but not always.

sixth picture

Once the entire process of coiling the hair is done. and all the other steps are done prior to removing the duck clips. there are several option you can get and insulated hot oil treatment, while hair is being dried. you may also get a scalp treatment to stimulate follicles.

seventh picture

duck clips being removed after the premium treatment.

picture eight

The finished look.

ninth picture

One week prior to Coils being put in .  in this week many people choose to detox their hair and scalp. this picture was after one of those treatments.

tenth picture

The first day of Coils being placed in the journey begins. after a deep conditioning shampoo and cleanser.

eleventh picture

 Pre deep scalp hot oil treat treatment prior to coils being done.


health medium sized coils being formed , these coils after a week will show there true size, later in the process coils can be separated to create two for one, which will then create a smaller coil, or they can remain this way. or coils can be put together to make bigger coils.

First Appointment

On the first Appointment you will receive a Hair consult which is 25$ in person, and free over the phone. On this appointment we will discuss your hair type. and what you have been doing to maintain your hair. we will talk about preferences in haircare treatment, and alternative. treatment, designed just for you. And we will discuss other matter that pertain to good hair care and maintenance .

COILS short 

Once we have discussed and decided what is best for you an appointment can be made. For short , fine textured Virgin Hair, with natural coil pattern $155.00 . This includes wash Conditions, Coils, hot oil treatment . a  small supply of Oil and a bonnet to protect your hair. duration 2+ hours.


Medium length fine textured Virgin Hair, with natural coil pattern. $160.00 This includes Wash Condition, Oil treatment and moisturizing supply and hair protection. duration 2+ hours

Coils short c4 HAIR

For Short c4 patter hair. $165.00. which includes Deep Conditioner and wash, Moisturizing Oil treatment, and head bonnet. duration varies


For Medium length c4 hair 180.00 which includes Deep Conditioning shampoo and conditioner, scalp stimulator, hot oil treatment, head bonnet.

Special Services

For Long Hair Fine texture natural coil pattern. tangle method is used, which is creating a lock right on the spot. $295.00 which includes wash conditions hot oil treatment. this process takes time. but one its done the hair is permanently locked. Until new growth comes and then the same process will be repeated for the new growth. Hair that has no coil pattern the same method is applied at $300.00 any size can be put in. time varies from 3+hours


various styles

The versatility in having Locs are endless, and the beauty of it, is that its all your own natural grown hair. live free, carefree. although styling locs are very nice it is not recommended to do this all the time. Natty loves to lay and be unrestrained. this gives a feeling of freeness. it is also recommended that when you Natty is styled you don't keep it up to long, everyone is different usually your head will let you know when it is time.

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