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It's a really big deal to many when deciding to go natural with your hair as well as your life, it is life changing, you do not have to do both at the same time. but it is recommended, but for most tiny steps are needed and that's ok. Hair is usually the first choice for this step in time consuming and along the way it will trigger other aspects of natural living from, the food you consume to the way you dress even, deciding to Loc up your hair for many and most is the best thing that they could have ever decided to do, along with the routine questions from others like  "why did you do that to your hair"? to oh that looks nice, and who did it, and is it hard to maintain. you may get questions like does it get dirty easily, and when you wash it does the pattern come out. People who have no idea will ask strange questions like what kind of hair did they use to put that in , that one always makes me laugh, many people believe that locs are extensions from the store that its not your own hair, but hair someone put in. what ever the case be prepared for questions. and comments, this is the time you will discover this was your choice and what you feel is all that matter, just maintain it and be proud of the new you. the end results will be more beautiful and rewarding than you could ever imagine. In the picture here this young man took over 8 years to decide to Loc his hair. after many trips to the barbershop getting hair bumps and all the other lovely things that happen while visiting the barber. he decided to get his hair coiled. and he feels great about it. His natural hair pattern is fine, with deep natural waves, this type of hair takes the longest time to Loc starting at 6-12 months you will begin to see the Locing process began, and it starts in different areas on different people. c4 pattern hair Locs the fastest, this is the hair that grows very long, and when you comb it out it has great length and it springs back into place very tight, this hair is usually course, and has great Locing ability seeing results in up to 3 months is maintained properly. As you can see in these pictures people decided to Loc their hair at many different length, it is recommended that you Loc up when it is shorter, the maintain for longer hair can become somewhat difficult, however you can choose to Loc your hair at any time you decided, this is just to educate you on the processes for different hair length and types.

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