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making flax seed gel powerful hold and hydration

There is absolutely no buildup what so ever, you natty absorbs every vitamin and mineral is the flax seed, it is amazing, and the hold is incredible, for those who have sensitive hands , and are funny about texture you might find this gel a bit difficult, it is very wiggly , and a bit snotty. lol, but if you can get past this you will not be unset with the results. blessing Kings and Queens

 Have you ever washed your Natty and felt a oily grease texture, or have you looked in the mirror and noticed after washing and sometimes before your locs look white, as if they have  Vaseline on them. no worries it time for your Natty to be Detoxed. Detoxing of the Hair is a specialty treatment at Loc Down Natural Creations, it is something we would prefer doing in a House call setting , because of the length of time it takes. the cost is 250.00 from short to mid back, and  longer than that is 300.00 and up. It is for people who have locs for a short or longtime, and the Locs have matted and become over come with build up. the first Natural Product that is used. Is used in abundance to wash your hair four times, this product brings all the grease oil gel dust lint to the surface of the hair, it is incredible to see, the next product is a Natural rinse that will remove everything that has been brought to the surface and it will go in and pull out what ever else is left, Natty will be left soft and smelling fresh. This treatment is independent of anything else being done to your hair. Re twisting the natty is recommended on the day of . or day after, Along with this treatment you will naturally receive Loc Separation , However there is an additional charge for Re twisting at that time. Because of the time and attention given for this process, we ask our client to strongly consider an  in home appointment, there is always a before and after Consult. Ingredients used are all natural no preservatives whatsoever. Any question you may reach  out via email. we don't disclose what is in our Detox. And because it is not something you consume. and it has nothing in it that can penetrate your scale and cause illnesses Like in Hair Dye and perms our products are completely safe to use even on a baby or children's hair. So if you've been considering Cutting your Natty because of buildup or because you feel it has gotten out of hand. Set up and appointment and allow us the chance to restore your Natty to better Condition than before. After this process, the day of if you decide to retwist Flax seed Gel will be used and is recommended for that time going forward. this gel will also restore, the moisture lost during the detox process. If you decide not to get a re- twist  an Olive Avocado hot or cool oil treatment will be perfomed and your natty will be wrapped

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