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The Process is somewhat tedious but worth it

When deciding to take a Journey one must do what first? Plan right? be prepared and have the necessary things needed to make it work. well same applies with the Loc journey. Locing your Hair is much more than a simple hair style. it pushes your levels of patience, and vanity. this is why it is called a journey but the end results are so beautiful and satisfying . If you are a young adult, middle age or elderly individual. there are many things you must consider before Locing. and many things you must understand. First off to have healthy looking Locs and to maintain a healthy scalp, hair must be parted correctly unless you are considering Freeform , which is something we will talk about soon. Many people with very little to no experience find that they want to start this process on their own with no success. I always recommend  letting  an experienced individual start your Locs , and once you understand what is going on, once the pattern has been placed in your hair, then at some point you can attempt to retwist  your own Natty, and this is simply because you cannot see the top, back or sides of your head well enough to make good parts, just one or two strands of hair going into the wrong area as your hair grows can cause a great deal of pain and breakage when retwisting.


1.Hair pattern twist - which simply means twist your hair in the pattern in which it comes out of your head, also known as Coiling. Once a coil pattern has been placed in your head, coiling or twisting the hair in the opposite direction will cause the pattern to be broken and the coil will reflect that.

2.Latch Hooking/Sista Loc- which is a totally different locing method in which you are literally creating a Natty with a instrument to create a knot .

north south east and west/left to right and up and down.

3. And then there is a third method in which I use many times on already established locks, and this process is used to support a Loc, or repair a Loc. this is my own method. therefore it will not  described it at this time.

Once a Loc has been established many people decide to switch to latch hook. this will change the look of the Loc but many find this process necessary for their own personal reason.

4.Freeform -this is a method in which hair is allowed to grow out of your head what ever way it chooses "Freeform" many times the hair is just separated with the hands, no comb parting just separated and allowed to Loc up on its own in what ever form it decides to take on.


Coiling is recommended for naturally coiled hair, because this is the natural way the hair comes out of the scalp. coiling creates a beauty pattern in your hair, which later turns into a beauty Natty/Loc. However Many people of Color also choose the Latch hook method. For Hair that is not Coiled in its natural state, creating a knot is recommended. this is a choice people make with more European grade of hair. What ever grade of hair you may have, and what ever the length, this will indeed be your own personal journey. Loc Down Natural Creations Can Assist you in starting with journey, with step by step advice, and education along the way. We have Life Long experience in having and working with Natural Hair Care. and we have a wealth of  Knowledge in this area, Customized for our Clients understand that no two people are the same, and every ones journey will be different Welcome to Loc Down Natural Creations. Holistic Beauty Consultants

Doing it on your own, my monthly routine. blessed Natty

Questions I get asked

I Think the questions i get the most are.  these sister locs right ? Are they heavy? and who does you hair?

These are definitely not sister locs, my locs just appear very small at the roots because it is the new growth, they also appear a different size after braiding them, and once they are washed they are another size, the beauty of locs, you can never be bored, And no they are not heavy, the only time your h follicles experience this is when there is a weight shift in hair immediately, with locs your hair grows and as it grows the head and follicles adjust, Hair can feel heavy and uncomfortable when it is not naturally grown out of your scalp, when you wash your hair you can feel the weight of it, because there is water in it. Locs are very comfortable and can be styled in endless beautiful , fun and elegant styles of expression. and if you want to change it up no worries, wash and start over again. I love the last question, because this gives  me the chance to introduce my life my  joy and work. and is a wonderful conversation starter.. 


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